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Benefits of Quality Inshare Rattan Garden Furniture

  • Rattan furniture has been growing increasingly popular. Rattan is offered in a variety of cheap garden Leisure Chair furniture sets that are great for both indoor and outdoor decoration. What's with all the fuss? Why is rattan furniture so in demand? There are actually a variety of reasons rattan is so popular.

    Weather Resistant Rattan Furniture

    One of the best features about Richmond’s Verano rattan garden furniture is that it’s all manufactured to be left outside all year round, no matter how bad the weather! Tried and tested by our customers, we’re so confident that your rattan garden furniture can survive in all weathers that your garden set will come with a 10 year long-life guarantee. While our cushions are rainproof, we do recommend that you store these when they’re not in use, but the rest of your rattan garden furniture will hold its own in the rain and wind of winter. Of course, you can always use an all-weather protective cover to fully protect the set if you don’t want to take our word for it!


    Due to the fact that rattan is a sustainable material, it’s good for the environment. Instead of cutting down whole trees to get the materials for furniture, the manufacturer has harvesters that will cut down vines. Those vines grow back quickly.

    Entire forests have to be cleared for wood for most furniture. Rattan harvesters can clear vines and pieces that allow for the forest to stay intact.


    Rattan furniture is more durable than many other options for your outdoor café. Its materials are sturdy and designed to withstand many outdoor conditions. Each chair and table is made from raw materials and held together with aluminum supports. The furniture also boasts rust-proof nails, bolts, and staples, which add to the durability of the pieces in general.

    As far as durability, rattan can also last throughout heavy wear and tear. For an outdoor café, weather will be a concern, but general use is something to consider just as much. If hundreds of customers will use the furniture in a single week or month, the furniture you choose must last throughout that rate of use.

    Variety of Table Sizes

    Any great outdoor café will offer a variety of seating so that they can accommodate both a customer’s preferences and any size of group they might bring. With rattan furniture, a designer can order everything from tables for two to long banquet tables. They can base their choices on the types of groups that their particular restaurant tends to draw.

    This variety also creates a few different dining experiences. At a table for two, a couple can enjoy an intimate date night and carry on long conversations. A family of four could enjoy their dinner at a typical table for four, and larger gatherings, such as birthday celebrations or work lunches, would be seated at banquet tables.

    No matter the reason the customer arrives at the café, their goal for their meal can be fulfilled even down to the rattan furniture they sit on while eating.


    If you’ve already got a few pieces of outdoor furniture that you love, it can be difficult to add to your favourite pieces and keep a consistent look. Not so when it comes to wicker. Wicker’s timeless style makes it fit seamlessly with almost all furniture styles, and today’s wicker furniture comes in so many colours and designs that it’s possible to match wicker chairs or lounges to the glass, wood or metal tables and chairs you already own. Since most wicker chairs and lounges come with replaceable and customisable cushions, getting a perfect match for the accessories is easy, too.

    Relatively Cheap Rattan FurnitureAlthough the price of original rattan furniture is relatively cheaper than furniture made from other original materials, it does not make the quality cheap. You can choose a rattan work chair like the picture above as proof.

    Weather resistant

    It makes it a perfect material to be used as an outdoor furniture. It can withstand extreme cold and hot weather conditions.

    Non-Corrosive nature

    Rattan does not corrode itself until and unless the metal frame used to create the furniture does not corrode. Since aluminum is used as the metal base for most of the rattan furniture, this won't corrode either.

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