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Rules of construction: the necessary parts of an essay and thei

  • Each essay consists of the obligatory set of parts that determine its semantic structure and a certain sequence of thoughts.

    1. Title page (contains the title, the name of the author, the name of the discipline).
    2. Introduction. It should express the essence, justify the choice of a particular topic, formulate a problem question, for the answer to which the study is started.
    3. The main part. Here it is necessary to set out the main issues, to carry out an analysis, justify different positions and arguments on the problem. The analysis is carried out on the basis of categories that correspond to the specifics of the topic, for example: part - whole, changeable - stable, cause - effect. The information and arguments are best structured by using subheadings, dividing the text into semantic paragraphs. Is buyessayclub legit? One paragraph can include only one statement. It is important to follow a logical sequence.
    4. Conclusion. In the last part of the essay, it is necessary to reinforce the essence of everything written earlier, make the necessary explanations, make generalizations and conclusions, argue them. Sometimes include in the end of the essay an indication of the application of the results of the research. Quotations, repetitions, illustrations are used. The statement of an impressive character is effective. It is possible to point out the perspective of the topic, its connection with other serious and topical problems.

    Observing the order of presentation of information, the logical construction of the text will ensure the creation of a good composition of the essay, and will make it easy to read. People will be able to understand all the issues covered, evaluate the argumentation, comprehend the author's position.

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