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Applications and Advantages of SUNWELL Bucket Elevators

  • If we talk about the conveying of materials from one place to another in a facility, China Bucket Elevator have made it much easier. They are capturing the market with the help of features like efficient raw material handling, better loading capacity etc. Bucket elevators are useful especially when you want to move the material vertically. Bucket Elevators are easy to use and that’s why they are so much popular, especially in processing industry and for bulk material handling.

    What are the Applications of Bucket Elevators?

    Bucket elevators are easy to use and are designed to handle various materials across various industrial facilities. The following are a few common materials conveyed using bucket elevators.



    Animal Feeds




    Before digging in, let’s cover the obvious: why bucket elevators continue as a popular material handling solution. Bucket elevators have many advantages over other systems. These include:

    Easy Transportation

    Perhaps the biggest advantage of the bucket conveyor system is its ability to transport materials much more easily. The bucket is also capable of much more gentle handling than workers are. A manufacturing facility that has a continuous bucket elevator can transport large amounts of materials much more easily and it can easily give a business a leg up on the competition in terms of sheer transportation capacity.

    Large Capacity

    Depending on the hopper or bucket you choose, your elevator can haul bulk material with its ongoing centrifugal force. Plus, since bucket elevators are designed to be incredibly durable, you don’t have to worry about spillage. The bucket elevator is designed to remain upright and can prevent material damages.

    Weather Resistance

    No matter your project or your transportation needs, most bucket elevators can operate in almost all types of weather. This means that your products won't get stalled out or halted by inclement weather. As you know, being unable to complete a job can cost you time, money, and energy.


    Many industrial plants and manufacturing facilities constantly have to review their expenses and overhead to ensure that projects are staying on schedule and aren't going wildly over their costs. Of course, this also builds off of some of the other advantages of the bucket elevator. Since it’s a weather-resistant system that can handle large capacities more effectively, it’s a great way to manage projects more smoothly. Bucket elevators are also incredibly helpful for streamlining operations which is also a major money-saver for businesses.

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