Wives and concubines are happy

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    People go outside without looking back. The pace was so fast that even Li's mother and Chunge didn't come to their senses for a while. When the two men understood and found that Mrs. Tai had gone out, they looked at each other and hurried to catch up. Pure song while walking, while thinking too madam that personally to clean up, the heart stirred up a deep chill. Chapter 74 confusion (part two). When Mrs. Tai arrived at the courtyard, a roomful of servant girls surrounded the fourth lady. The fourth lady stepped on a stool, her hair was disheveled, her face was snow-white, and she was still shouting at the top of her voice, "Get out of the way. Since he treated me like this, he would have to show my face for the sake of a servant girl. What am I still doing alive?" Several people went up to stop the fourth lady from putting her neck in. The fourth lady, however, as if she had been cruel to death, took advantage of the situation and got off the stool. She rushed to the embroidery frame and took a pair of scissors. She aimed them at her throat and pricked them. Mrs. Tai had been listening outside and felt so unreasonable that she wanted to teach a few words, but when she came to the door and saw such a situation, she shook her body and almost fainted. You, what are you doing, the fourth brother? Why don't you put down the scissors? The fourth lady just cried, "Mother, Li Jianhao did this to me, I really don't want to live." Mrs. Tai was angry and anxious. "You are the fourth lady of Guogongfu. You cried and hanged yourself to wipe your neck because the fourth lady wanted to go to the servant girl. That's how you were taught at your mother's home!" When the fourth lady heard the first lady say the word "mother's home," she was so angry that she said, "Mother, don't tell me about the teachings of your mother's family. Li Jianhao wants to go to the servant girl's room,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, and naturally I don't care what I say. But Tongfang servant girl is just a family origin, we have such a family status, for no reason, how can we carry a Tongfang servant girl to be an aunt! Even if you want to be a concubine, even if you are Aunt Xue, the eldest son of the concubine who gave birth to the third brother, you are just a bitch. Mrs. Tai frowned when she heard that the words were not decent. It is not the turn of the younger brother and sister to come out to discuss right and wrong in the elder brother's house. The fourth brother's family has become more and more ignorant of the rules in the past few years. But this time can not care, really what happened,Self-closing Faucet, the Li family is really going to become a big joke, in order to pass the room servant girl forced his wife to death, the Li family can not afford such a face. Mrs. Tai stroked her forehead and said, "Where's the fourth brother? Where's the fourth brother? Why don't you call him over?" Someone nearby said, "Someone has already gone to say it, but the Fourth Master said to let the Fourth Lady play tricks, and he just watched." Hear this word, too madam blood is on the head, the person has stumbled, Li mother is beside the eye is bright, hurriedly hold on to. Wait for too madam to stand firm, hate a track: "Enrage dead me, this is to want to enrage dead me." The Fourth Lady was holding the scissors and sneering. "Mother, you see, it's not that the daughter-in-law is not filial and disregards the face of the Li family. It's really that the Fourth Master really wants to force me to death." As he spoke, he really gave the scissors a hard cut on his neck in despair. Seeing the bleeding, stainless steel toilet ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, Mrs. Tai was so frightened that her heart trembled and she stood forward. "Old four, you put down the scissors. If you have something to say, I'm sure I'll make the decision for you." The fourth lady didn't believe it at all, but she used more force on her hands. Mrs. Tai breathed a sigh of relief and did not faint. Chunge rushed over from behind. Seeing such a situation, he ignored the sudden discomfort of his body on the road just now. He hurried up to hold his wife and said, "Fourth brother and sister, if you have something to say, mother and I will make decisions for you." Too madam sees pure song also came over, as if found backbone same, busy way: "Right, right, you put down scissors, have a thing we make a decision for you.". Jade Niang was sent here by me, and she was a servant who signed a death contract. If I don't let her be a concubine, she can't stand it. You can rest assured! The Fourth Lady shook her head and burst into tears. "Mother," she said, "there is no Jade Lady. There is no one else. For so many years, he has never thought of taking a concubine, and I know his temper. Now that he has made up his mind, he will certainly not change. I don't know which day you will really marry me and bring me back a concubine. It is better for me to die today than to have no contact with him in the future. ” "What do you mean?" Too madam's facial expression of brush sank down, "do you still want me to assure you, let old 4 all one's life do not take concubine in the future?"? "This is really a joke, and there are people who use their lives to force their husbands not to take concubines." The fourth lady listened to the words of the wife, also did not refute, is a strong sneer, the neck wound and quietly cut deeper. The pure song looks but feels heartache. The wife refused to give in, but felt that a man should take a concubine, so she lost face under the threat of her daughter-in-law. But the fourth lady did not hesitate to force each other with her life, or to be so angry and sad about Li Jianhao carrying his concubine, but only because she really cared. Those who care will not hesitate to fight against the prevailing etiquette and law in the world, even if they have to bear the disgust of their mother-in-law and the infamy of the whole society, they will not hesitate to burn both jade and stone. The fourth lady was not a good person, and sometimes she felt a little bored with her social intercourse, but in this matter, she really admired her, how many women can do this. Chunge wanted to help the Fourth Lady, so she whispered, "Mother, it's common sense that she doesn't understand the relationship between the Fourth Brother and the Fourth Sister for so many years.". You see, she is very angry now. If you have anything to say, let's talk about it. Let's coax her first and then argue about it later. Mrs. Tai snorted coldly, "How to coax her? Is it difficult for me to promise the fourth brother that he will not be allowed to take concubines in the future in front of so many servants, and then go back on my word?"? You can't do this. Chunge chuckled and said, "Mother, do you still believe that the fourth brother really wants to take a concubine?"? In my opinion, two people are angry. If the fourth brother really has the idea of taking a concubine, why wait until this time? Too madam eyes twinkle, thought, or shook his head, "no,stainless steel squatting pan, the fourth brother himself does not want to take a concubine, I when the mother will not be a villain, but I can not force the fourth brother not to take a concubine.". That's two meanings. Chunge feels embarrassed. Mrs. Tai is so stubborn. The fourth lady is also very insistent. cnkexin.com