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    Original title: What is the drilling technology of PC endurance board? As a good building material and equipment,mining drill bit,Mining Drilling Equipment, PC endurance board has high strength and durability. Even though it is very good, Borehole Drill Bits ,dth drill bits, it also causes losses to users due to a wrong construction method of cracks along nail holes. Therefore, drilling in PC endurance board is a very important technology. Considering that the raw material of the polycarbonate solid sheet will show thermal expansion and shortening, and thus its fixing time has a significant effect, the possibility of quality problems after the item is very high if the nails fixed on the board are not opened directly. It is necessary to pull the extension to reduce the failure rate of the solid board. So, how to process the PC endurance board-drilling operation? The simple way is to use the solid piece piercing bit directly, which can pick a thicker bit. ? Larger or wobbly holes. The diameter of the hole diameter is about two thirds larger than the left and right of the nail being drilled. The rear number is preferably larger. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor: (function() { function getBrandHtml() { var brands = [],down the hole bit, html = ''; for(var i = 0; i < brands.length; i++) { var brand = brands; if(brands.length i+1) { html+= ''+brand.name+''; } else { html+= ''+brand.name+'、'; } } return html; }; if(document.getElementById('linkBtn')){ document.getElementById('linkBtn').onclick = function() { $('#brands').removeClass('brand');$ ( '# tipInfo').text ( 'Real name responded'); $ ('#linkBtn').remove();$ ('.real-response .content').css('line-height', '20px');$ ('.real-response .time').css('line-height', '20px'); }; document.getElementById('brands').innerHTML = getBrandHtml(); }; })();。 wt-dthtools.com

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