Unspoken Star _ Butterfly Blue

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    The elevator sank about a floor away. Suddenly began to translate. Moments later, they stopped, and with a "snap", the floor under their feet suddenly opened and threw them down. The two of them left it in a room. It's not big, but it has all kinds of equipment, which is much better than the room where Ye Fan lives these days. Jingle, jingle.. The telephone on the wall rang suddenly. Mobile phone novel network anytime, anywhere to enjoy the fun of reading www. xiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 175 taking poison. Ye Fan and Ye Ping looked at each other. Ye Ping quickly looked away and leaned back to one side of the sofa and said, "What am I doing? Go and answer the phone!" "Could it be another trap?" Ye Fandao. And get stuck in a fart well! If you want to die, the phone will not ring, but explode directly. Ye Ping said indifferently. Ye Fan came forward and picked up the phone, but did not make a sound. Ye Fan, I'm sorry. It was the strict father who spoke. Ye Fan didn't have time to reply. Suddenly he felt hot air around his neck. He turned his head and found that Ye Ping had climbed to his shoulder again. Let me hear it, too! Ye Pingmei smiled. Ye Fan ignored her and said to the phone, "What's going on?" "Ye Fan, your father is Ye Cheng, right?" Father Yan said slowly. Ye Fan was stunned. Ye Ping said with a smile, "You always keep this a secret. People already know about you." Ye Fan glared at her angrily. Because of this,Steel racking system, we have to do this to you for a while. "Father Yan said." Why Ye Fandao. Yecheng has always been an unstable factor in the art world. Because of him, there have been many fights in the past ten years, and many ordinary people have been involved in them for no reason. So we have to catch him before anyone else. "Father Yan said." Do you expect me to tell you where he is? Ye Fan sneered. In fact, of course, he did not know where his father was at the moment, but in order to vent his resentment, he intentionally conveyed this message to the other side: I know where he is. But I just won't tell you. Father Yan smiled and said,heavy duty racking system, "Of course I know you can't say that.". So you will be wronged to live here for a while. When we catch Yecheng, you can also be free, and we won't do anything to you because you are his son. Ye Fan was stunned. Strict father's meaning seems to be to use himself as bait. If the father knew the news. I don't know what to do! But on second thought, the strict father wanted to spread the news to his father's ears, which must be to spread in the art world. In this way, the crow, Liu Qing, they should know it! They will find a way to do it themselves. Then the father will not be in danger! Think of it this way. Ye Fan felt a little at ease. Next to her, Ye Ping wondered, "Why are you still holding the microphone when they're all dead?" Ye Fan buckled the microphone and sighed. You see, don't listen to me, fall into the trap! "Ye Ping lay back on the sofa, the mouth is so said, Pallet rack upright ,long span shelving, but there is no sense of complaint.". At this time, Ye Fan was not worried about his own safety, but worried about Ye Cheng. Yo! I can't believe there's a TV! It's still wired! Ye Ping suddenly shouted, "There are probably five or six floors underground here!"! Also connected to the cable TV to come in, worthy of the state department ah! Ye Ping was amazed. Ye Fan is looking around the room. In a small basement, there is no decoration, but everything has its real meaning. Like this TV for people to pass the time. Ye Fan had something in mind and suddenly picked up the phone again. Ye Ping was already laughing over there: "Do you expect that phone call to go out?"! Don't do this stupid thing, okay? There must be a surveillance system in this house. How humiliating it is to let others see it! Ye Fan threw the phone back angrily: "What do you say?" "Watch TV!" "Don't you like watching TV?" Asked Ye Ping. Ye Fan was almost mad: "Can you be serious?" Ye Ping put away her sadistic expression and said lightly, "I'm serious. Come and watch TV. What's the use of being anxious?" When Ye Fan heard this, he reached her side and whispered, "Do you have any idea?" "No, not at all." Ye Pingdao. Then why aren't you in a hurry? A surprise, is this the quality of the killer trained by the profession? Because I'm still thinking. When you can't think about it, you will be anxious. Ye Pingdao. Then you think about it! When you can't think, please call me when you are in a hurry, so that you can have a companion. Ye Fan said to lie down, the appearance seems to be to sleep, but where to sleep. If he really wanted to be calmer and calmer, he knew that he could not compare with Ye Ping even if he tied two together. Ye Ping is watching TV calmly. I do not know how long, Ye Ping put a stage has not been changed. He seemed to enjoy it. Ye Fan also lay down without saying a word for so long, in fact, his heart was about to explode. But in order to bet with Ye Ping on this tone, he simply refrained from moving or speaking, and lay sweating all over. Finally, he could not bear it. He got up and walked around. "There is no air conditioning in this room!"! So hot "Peace of mind is naturally cool." Ye Ping said indifferently. Ye Fan's heart is obviously unable to calm down, wandering around the room, suddenly stayed in the corner for a long time. Then he left for another place and came back, and so on several times. Ye Fan came to Ye Ping's side, touched her and whispered, "Hey, there seems to be a ventilation duct over there!"! Can we climb out of there? Ye Fan has seen many such movies, and he believes that art comes from life, although this is not a normal life. Ye Ping glanced at the corner, and the United States moved back to the TV. There's nothing to see. Ye Fan was angry and anxious. The TV is a classic soap opera, Ye Fan glanced a few times, a man and a woman nagged, crying and laughing endlessly, Ye Fan was even more annoyed. The TV play happened to end at this time, and Ye Ping stood up. Came to the corner that Ye Fan said. Indeed, there is a cool breeze blowing in here, which should be the legendary ventilation duct. Ye Ping looked up for a long time,Industrial pallet rack, shook her head and said, "I can't get out. It's specially made. If I cut you up, I won't be able to get out." 。 omracking.com