Seven Killers-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise

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    His bone-shrinking method is a secret skill that has been passed down for a long time in the martial arts world. Big Nose Hu said, "After you go in, you have to open an iron cabinet to get the luminous pearl. The lock on the iron cabinet is said to have been made by Qiqiao Boy himself in the past. The only key is in the old man's own hand, but no one knows where he hid the key." Gongsun Miao said lightly, "The lock made by Qiqiao Boy is definitely not a lock that can't be opened." "Have you ever opened it?" Asked Big Nose Hu. "No," said Gongsun Miao, "but I'm sure there's no lock in the world I can't open." Hu Da Nose looked at him and suddenly smiled. "Don't you believe it?" Said Gongsun Miao. Big Nose Hu laughed and said, "I believe it. I believe it very much. Let's go quickly." Big Nose Hu sighed, "Because if you get up on impulse and steal for me, but you can't get into the house or open the lock, you'll be embarrassed to come out again. Then won't I hurt you?" "Gongsun Miao sneered," It's no use trying to goad you. I never do that. "I'm not trying to provoke you," said Hu. "I'm just trying to persuade you to go quickly." "Of course I want to go," said Gongsun Miao. "Am I going to stand all night in this dark alley?" With a sneer, he took a few steps forward, then suddenly stopped and said, "Wait for me here. I'll be back in half an hour at the most." This work is not finished, others have swept out twenty feet, pasted on the wall,Cantilever Storage rack, climbed up like a gecko, the figure flashed on the top of the wall, and disappeared. Hu Da nose face can not help but show a proud smile, old friends always know what is wrong with old friends. Although it is very proud to be proud, it is a very uncomfortable thing to wait for someone. Just as Big Nose Hu was beginning to worry, a figure suddenly flashed on the top of the wall, and Gongsun Miao floated down like a fallen leaf. Did you succeed? Hu Dabi was excited and anxious. Gongsun Miao did not open his mouth,Narrow aisle rack, pulled him to run, turned a few corners, came to a darker and narrower alley, before stopping. Big Nose Hu sighed, "I knew you wouldn't succeed." Gongsun Miao stared at him, suddenly opened his mouth, but spit out not a word, but a pearl. Luminous Pearl. As soft as moonlight and as brilliant as starlight, the whole dark alley was illuminated. Hu Da Nose's face was already red with excitement. He grabbed the luminous pearl and immediately stuffed it into his clothes. The pearlescent light came out through the clothes, but it could still shine on people's eyes. Suddenly a man smiled and said, "That's great. Gongsun Miao is really helpless." A man suddenly appeared out of the darkness, looking very good-natured and middle-aged, with a pleasant smile on his face. Big Nose Hu saw this man, Warehouse storage racks ,Narrow aisle rack, but his face changed. He immediately went up to meet him. Holding the luminous pearl in both hands, he said with a forced smile, "I've finally got it. Can I write off the debt I owe you, sir?" It turned out that this man was the creditor, but the creditor was not in a hurry to ask for the debt, and did not even look at the luminous pearl. Isn't it the luminous pearl that he really wants? What does he want? "I can't go down to Wu." He had already come over to Gongsun Miao with a smile. "In order to try Mr. Gongsun's skillful hand, I came up with this bad plan.". As for the debt, it's only a small amount, and it's okay not to have it. Gongsun Miao lowered his face and said, "What do you want?" "" There's a man who wants to come down and ask Mr. Gongsun to see him, "said Wu. "It's a pity I don't want to see people," said Gongsun Miao coldly. "I've always been shy." "But no one will be shy when he sees Mr. Long Wu," said Wu Buxiao. "He never forces others to do difficult things, nor does he say embarrassing things." When Gongsun Miao was ready to leave, he suddenly turned around and said, "Mr. Long Wu?"? Are you talking about Sanxiang Longwu? "Is there another Dragon Five in the world?" Asked Wu Buke with a smile. Gongsun Miao's face has shown a very strange expression, I do not know is surprised? Is it excitement? Or fear? "Dragon Five wants to see me?" Wu can't say, "I want to." Gongsun Miao said, "But Mr. Long Wu has always been like a supernatural dragon. No one has ever known his whereabouts. How can I find him?" "You don't have to look for him," said Wu. "He'll be waiting for you at the Tianxiang Tower in Hangzhou on July 15. "Gongsun Miao didn't even think about it anymore." All right, "he said at once," I'll go. " Three Shi Chong reached out his hand and grabbed a handful of peanuts. Others could only grab thirty peanuts at most, but he grabbed seventy or eighty. His right hand is three times bigger than others. It was written on the peanut stall: "Spiced peanuts, two pennies a handful." He threw down thirty pennies and caught fifteen handfuls of peanuts, and he caught almost all the peanuts in a basket. The little girl selling peanuts was almost crying. Shi Chong laughed and threw all the peanuts on the ground, then walked away. He never liked peanuts, but he liked to see people crying when he made fun of them. He seems to be able to come up with some tricks at any time and anywhere, so that others can not live a peaceful life. In the Xuanchao Temple on the mountain, there is a bronze tripod of a thousand catties. It is said that it really has a thousand catties. Even a dozen big men can't move it. One day when we got up in the morning, we suddenly found this bronze tripod in the middle of the street. Of course, it was not the bronze tripod that came by itself. If there is a person in the world who can move this bronze tripod from the mountain to here, this person must be Shizhong. So everyone ran to find Shi Zhong. With such a big bronze tripod placed in the middle of the street, all the carriages and horses coming and going would be blocked, and all the business would be affected. Everyone asked Shi Chong to move it back again. Shi Chong ignored it. When everyone was about to cry, Shi Chong went out laughing, holding the bronze tripod in his big hand, exhaling and shouting, "Get up!" The bronze tripod was lifted up by one of his hands. Just then, someone in the crowd suddenly said, "Shi Chong, Mr. Long Wu is looking for you." Shi Chong immediately threw down the bronze tripod and left, but the dead man did not care. After walking a dozen steps, he turned around and asked,warehouse rack manufacturer, "Where are his men?" "On the fifteenth of July, he is waiting for you at the Tianxiang Building in Hangzhou." Four July 15, full moon.