You Long Sui Yue by Er Ya

  • August 31, 2022 8:17 PM PDT

    But recently, Bai Bai always lives in Kaifeng Mansion, as if to help Miaomiao investigate the case, so I can't see him. Fortunately, ninety-nine will go to Kaifeng to visit together every three or five times. If there is a case, they will stay a little longer, and I can see Miaomiao and Bai Bai again. Xiao Liangzi learned kung fu, so I went back to the ferry. Basically, ninety-nine had already boarded the boat and was ready to go back to the empty island. I rushed to the boat. Ninety-nine always likes to poke me in the stomach with his toes and not dump him! Not interested in men who are already married! After returning to Xiaoyao Island, Ninety-nine will rush to the pharmacy to meet his Gongsun, and I will also go to find Xiao Sizi. At this point, usually Gongsun will see one or two patients, rest. Today is quite special. There are no patients in Gongsun's pharmacy. I thought about it-oh, yes! Today is the birthday of the fourth son. It must be prepared. It is estimated that Gongsun and Jiujiu will go to the street to buy gifts later. I can go with them. Sure enough, after lunch, the fourth son was coaxed by Gongsun to take a nap, and his husband pulled ninety-nine out of the island and out of the city. I wanted to go with him, too, but I was thrown back by Jiujiu with the back of my neck-he was the rudest! But when I heard him talking to Gongsun, it seemed that the gift had been shipped from other places. I had been on the road for several days. I had just arrived, and I had to wait for ninety-nine to pick it up. Back in the room, I saw Xiao Sizi holding his chin in his hands, tilting his head and raising his two little feet in a daze on the bed. I brushed past-Xiao Sizi, what are you doing? The fourth son reached out and pinched my ear. "Stone, guess what gift Dad and Jiujiu will buy me?"? Sure enough, the little fellow knew. Um. No one knows what Xiao Sizi wants. Said, small four son sat up, some bored to get out of bed, to the bookcase to take out a medicine book, ran back, sat on the chair to read. I went over to rub his feet and looked up at him. "What do you want, little four?"? Xiao Sizi took a glance at me and whispered, "I want to match you with a male claw beaver, and then give birth to a small claw beaver." I stood up and rubbed my front paws against him on the table-yuck. You just know to rub! The fourth son sighed gently, "I miss Miaomiao and Baibai very much. It would be nice if we could have a meal together." I know this, just heard from Mrs. Lu, Zhao Pu will invite everyone to come, said to celebrate the birthday of the fourth son, the fourth son face how big ah, everyone will naturally come. I grabbed the corner of Xiao Sizi's coat and shook it-don't be stuffy in the room, go to the back to see Grandma. The fourth son thought about it, jumped down from the stool, went to the kitchen, brought a bowl of lotus seed soup, and ran to the back to see the old toffee. The backyard is full of women, I have no interest, every time I go in, I will be caught and kissed. In addition, Pallet rack beams , Fei Ying had a baby, and she was going to give birth to a little grey shadow during the Chinese New Year. Mr. Gongsun felt her pulse and said that it might be twins or twins, and she was raising them recently! The fourth son is looking forward to the birth of the baby every day, so he is not the youngest! Slipping out of the backyard, I ran to the ferry ahead and saw two people get off the boat. One in blue and one in white! With a cry of joy, I ran over. It was Zhanzhao and Bai Yutang who got off the boat. There were Bao Zheng and Pang Taishi behind them. Oh, the Eight Princes also came to play. Little Four's face is really big! I ran close, and when Miaomiao saw me, she smiled and said, "Stone, you are fat again!" " Hate! He said he was fat! After a while, ninety-nine and Gongsun also came back from Songjiang Mansion. I found that behind them, they carried a big box, which must be a gift from the fourth son. It's so big! I leaned over to take a look, but ninety-nine took the back of my neck and put me aside, saying, "Don't worry, you'll see it in a minute!" I stared at the box suspiciously. What was in it?! Soon, night fell. Xiaoyao Island is decorated with lanterns and colored streamers. In addition, today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the full moon in the sky is round. I ate a moon cake and looked up at the moon. At the side of the table, people were eating. The fourth son of the birthday boy is very happy today. Besides, he seems to care about the huge box. I quietly peeped inside several times, but the purple shadow looked so tightly that they wouldn't let me get close! After dinner, it was finally time to give gifts. Gongsun took Xiao Sizi to the wooden box. Xiao Sizi must have remembered the scene when he gave me to him. Yes, there is no better gift than me in the world! Zhao Pu let the ochre shadow open the door, at this time, the crowd heard a loud snoring sound coming from inside. What is that? I leaned over curiously. A bamboo bear? Zhanzhao looked at the box in surprise. I saw a huge hairy bear lying inside, with white ears, white claws, neck, back hair and the upper part of the head, all black, really like a bamboo bear! I just took one look at it, and I was shocked-oh, it was a male. In the crowd of so many people, the male beaver slowly opened his eyes, looked at the crowd, and immediately showed his fierce eyes and grinned. The fourth son saw that it was a lovely male beaver, and just wanted to pounce on it, but he saw the guy shouting at him fiercely. So fierce? Bai Yutang frowned. Yes, this claw beaver is so big, can it be raised well? Zhanzhao is also a little worried. It doesn't matter Gongsun let the crowd separate a little and waved to me. "It is said that the male claw beaver listens to the female claw beaver very much. The stone beauty is here. Let's see if he listens.". If you really can't, put it together with Zhao Pu, two people fight, Zhao Pu is estimated to win! Zhao Pu looked at Gongsun with a sad face-he never forgot to tease himself. The male beaver looks good. I looked up, well, the fur was dark! This is rare, and you are not very old! He should be about the same as me, but he is already bigger than me! "Squeak!" The guy was stunned when he saw me, and then he rushed over with a shout of joy, lying on my side and rubbing around, shouting in his mouth-beauty! I raised my hand and gave him a meat pad-face! But it doesn't seem to care, and it's still rubbing around. Xiao Sizi came over and looked back at him.