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    Hua Tianxiang stood here, facing the guests who came to greet him, and all his attention fell on the bride and groom who shuttled through the crowd! Just now Jun Yao's words thoroughly let Hua Tianxiang's heart boil up, Lin Shi, Lin Shi, his feelings for her are very strange! To be honest, his contact with her was the earliest mature woman, who inexplicably had an unforgettable attachment to her mature, sexy and charming body, and the passion of selflessness made him have her brand in his heart. Had it not been for that absurd thing, she would not have married Li Junhao today, but they secretly contacted the engagement, why, is it for themselves? Hanxin and Lengyan politely clinked glasses with several people, and then drank with the newlyweds. They were wise and naturally saw that there must be something else between the bride and groom. Two people at this time is not convenient to go to ask, turned to see Hua Tianxiang standing blankly in the crowd, holding a glass of wine, looking elsewhere, not only some sad. They looked at each other and came to him! "What are you looking at?" Asked the cold smoke. Hua Tianxiang shook his head and said, "Didn't you see anything?" Hanxin and Lengyan looked at each other and knew that Hua Tianxiang had something on his mind. When he was about to ask, Hua Tianxiang said, "I'm a little tired. I want to have a rest. Please take care of Jin'er and Yin'er,tin beneficiation plant, OK?" Cold smoke nodded and said, "All right!" Li Junyao looked at Hua Tianxiang, who was standing far away. Of course, she knew that the dissolution of the marriage between her brother and sister Lin must have something to do with Hua Tianxiang. When she saw Hua Tiaxiang leaving like this, she shook her head gently and said to herself helplessly: "You are so cruel!"! Why do you want to rob my brother's only happiness? Tianxiang.. But Leng Yan, who was walking not far behind her, heard this sentence. She came up and asked, "Junyi,magnetic separator machine, what did you say just now? It seems that Tianxiang robbed other people's happiness. What do you mean?" Li Junyao said coldly and indifferently, "It means that you have another sister." Cold smoke feeling in front of Li Junyi compared with before, there is a big difference, as to what place is different, she can not say for a while, this is purely a feeling! She also did not think much, for Li Junyao's words she naturally understood, however, she also said: "I have a sister, yes, but you do not have a sister?" Then he bent down and picked up Joaquin and said, "Baby, let's go.." Hanxin also held Huayin in her arms, and they walked side by side in the same direction, leaving Li Junyao standing there in a daze for what Lengyan had said. The fourth volume is about life and death Chapter 062 (Finale). The wedding is over, gold shaking table ,tin beneficiation plant, in the middle of the night! On the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, there is a cold wind and few people! Lin Shi clasped her hands tightly in front of her chest to resist the cold. Her figure looked pitiful in the cold wind. Today was her wedding night! But she came here, and the dim light reflected her pretty face, ruddy and shy, but her shining eyes were full of expectation. Hua Tianxiang came quietly behind her! A clean white pullover, his tall and straight figure to embellish the strict, although the whole body, thin, but in such a cold night, he did not have a chill all over. Is that you? Hua Tianxiang's voice makes Lin Shi happy! She turned around and saw that Hua Tianxiang had come. She nodded to him and said, "It's me. You're here at last." Hua Tianxiang naturally knew what day it was for her, but he didn't expect it to be a good morning night. As a happy bride, he unexpectedly met him. How could he not be confused! How can not be surprised, of course, Hua Tianxiang's heart in addition to these, more is a surprise. Lin Shi walked to Hua Tianxiang step by step. His eyes met for a long time. Lin Shi said slowly, "Take me away, will you?"? Take me to a place where no one is, okay? I, I love you, Tianxiang! Said this sentence, Lin Shi also can not bear so two years of bitter lovesickness, she said this sentence, fell in the arms of Hua Tianxiang! A pair of hands tightly around his waist! How can Hua Tianxiang not be moved and surprised! His hand hugged Lin Shi, and his handsome eyes shone with a light! Nodded to say: "Good, I take you to go!" Finish saying that! Lin Shi raised her head happily and asked Hua Tianxiang, "Is what you said true?" Hua Tianxiang nodded and said earnestly, "It's true, I love you too!" After saying this, he lowered his head and kissed Lin Shi's sexy lips heavily! The cold of the night can not blow the enthusiasm of two people, in the sparsely populated Temple of Heaven, Hua Tianxiang and Lin Shi meet again two years later, laying the foundation for a long stay together. Li Junhao and sister Li Junyao broke up in silence, watching her brother walk into the airport is so lonely, she can not say her inner feelings! Who can she blame for her brother's divorce? Who, Hua Tianxiang? Or blame Lin Shi sister, brother said he did not hate anyone, the only hate is himself, because he has long known that Lin Shi's heart is only Hua Tianxiang without his Li Junhao! So he chose to go abroad. That night, he left China on the last flight. No one knows where he went. Hanxin and Lengyan saw Lin Shi with joy and Hua Tianxiang came back together. Neither of them was a fool. Naturally, they knew what was going on. Neither of them said anything. They stayed together in a very friendly way. Hanxin and Lin Shi, who had not seen each other for so many years, sat together and talked a lot. Finally, Lengyan joined in, and the topic of discussion slowly shifted to the two children. Hua Jin and Hua Yin quarreled incessantly between three stunning beauties, especially Hua Yin, who was the most naughty! Because of her performance, the three women, who may be mothers in the future,Carbon in Pulp, burst into laughter. Even Hua Tianxiang, who was sitting on one side with some embarrassment, laughed out loud for his children's naughtiness. ore-magnetic-mining.com